Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sugar cane harvest season is upon us--this sugar can truck appears lopsided

Sunday, September 28, 2014
Setting where we attended a Special Sacrament Meeting
This week has been a blur and I think I will sleep well tonight.  This morning we left early and returned home 10 hours later after going south to La Carlota (about an hour drive traffic permitting).  It is a beautiful drive with ocean views and greenery a desert person can only dream about.  People live along the main road and even with busy traffic, children are playing.  We even saw a mother bathing her little girl next to a neighborhood water pump.  We often see young children without any britches on. 
Area behind where we held the Special Sacrament Meeting
George spoke at three sacrament meetings today; each time with a minute notice and no topic given.  I spoke at one.  We also attended a special sacrament meeting in Bucalah, a jungle area.  There were about 35 humans in attendance and some chickens and dogs.   During the meeting on each side of me sat a young girl on the very uncomfortable bamboo bench which consisted of two pieces of bamboo.  They created a meeting area in the front of their home including a tarp tied to their bamboo house to create a little shade.

The Sister where the meeting was held took us on a walking tour of the river nearby where she was baptized several years ago. Her five children skipped along the dirt trail and swung from hanging vines dropping down from the canopy of trees.  The proud husband took George on a quick tour of their beautiful surroundings; a nearby river for catching fish, washing humans and clothes. They had built a very nice and sturdy dwelling held up by bamboo poles and covered by thin wood siding.  A tin roof was anchored in place by old motorcycle tires that were tied together.  The yard was fenced and was clean and tidy with newly planted banana trees planted for future harvest.  Chickens freely roamed the yard, looking for anything interesting to eat.

Young boy holding a rooster he was previously walking on a leash (interesting to watch ;-)
One of our favorite departing missionaries: Elder Torres
One of our favorite departing missionaries: Elder Lapitan
One of our favorite departing missionaries: Elder Cano
Our newest batch of new missionaries--excited to go to work!
A few days earlier, we helped with transporting 19 missionaries to airport to start their journey home after completing their missions.  There is always change, but it is sometimes hard to say good bye.   Within an hour 28 new missionaries walked out of the airport excited about the opportunity to serve!  We saw two new Sisters Pahulu (from US) and Silos (from Philippines) today and they are doing well!
This is what it's like being married to the mission nurse--in a restaurant with her hot food sitting on the table--helping a missionary with a medical concern (didn't stop me from eating :-)

Merry Christmas--we're seeing more decorations out and hearing Christmas music

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