Sunday, August 13, 2017

We made an unexpected trip to downtown St Louis
We just finished talking to our children and their families.  We love them and it's always good to see and hear from them and catch up on their busy lives.  It was a momentous weekend in Tucson, Arizona with the dedication of the Tucson Temple.  Nathen, our 9 year old grandson, said the cultural celebration held last night was better than "Star Wars".   George and I enjoyed staying up late last night and watched the celebration; we saw a lot of youth from the Vail Ward. Unfortunately, we missed the Temple dedication today, but feel a great protection and power that comes from having a local Temple.

Last Monday I was feeling a little out of sorts, but my spirits were buoyed up by all the Elders who visited the office during the day. The best part of our mission involves our interactions with the missionaries--they are wonderful, and for the most part, striving to serve the Lord.

George received a wonderful tender mercy from the Lord when he received the following message during the week:
Barry was the first person I baptized on my mission!  He was a bartender and worked and lived in a Pub. We were apprehensive to teach Barry about the Word of Wisdom because it meant he would lose his job and housing.  He was what we would call a 'golden investigator' because he accepted the Gospel and had great faith to accept the Gospel and leave his job.  It was wonderful to catch up with him; he was married in the London Temple and has 6 children--one served a mission and 3 were married in the temple; and 12 grandchildren.
East facing view of the beautiful St Louis Temple

Saturday was a wonderful day in the St Louis Temple!  There were many visitors from all over the Midwest. We love working in the Temple and it really lifts and cleanses our spirits after a week dealing with the tasks related to health, apartments and cars.
West facing view of the Temple

The weather has been perfect; not too hot or cold.  But with the cooler weather the fireflies are not as visible.  We have loved watching the fireflies outside our window all summer long in the evenings.  We didn't even need fireworks on the 4th of July. 
George facing view of the Temple

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rainy day on our way to Springfield, IL Zone Conference on Thursday

This week was Zone Conferences.  We love, love yes love being with the missionaries.  On Thursday we dropped off a new four wheel drive truck in Illinois.  The Sisters spent "two and a half hours" cleaning up their old (2015) truck; they did a great job (I think George threatened them that if it wasn't clean enough they wouldn't get the new truck ;-). 
Zone Conference Car Inspections

We can laugh now, but the Tuesday conference location was changed with short notice.  We arrived so early to the original location that we decided to buy Egg McMuffins for the missionaries who had arrived early for car inspections.  When we arrived, there were no cars in the parking lot. We called some missionaries and asked for help and were directed to another area in downtown St Louis, which wasn't' the right place either. We stopped at a gas station in a rough part of town to call again for directions.   While we were stopped, we handed out some of the breakfast sandwiches to some homeless people in the parking lot.  They commented 'why are you doing this?  Can we have some water too? Thanks so much!'.
Zone Conference Car Inspections (cont.)

We finally ended up at the right place, shortly before the conference was to begin.  We had driven around for over an hour, but we saw parts of St Louis, we have never seen and probably won't again!  It kind of went along with my theme, "I can do hard things".

Friday evening we went with our Branch and did baptisms at the Temple.  We had one Sister who has been a member for many years and it was her first time.  Although she found "all that water" a little daunting, today she said she couldn't wait to go back!

We had a special visitor to the Branch today; Elder Gifford Nielsen of the First Quorum of the Seventy and his wife.  And my favorite BYU Quarterback of all time.  He was the quarterback when I was at BYU and really put the BYU passing game on the map.  He was very humble and modest about his sports achievements.  They both gave wonderful messages to the Branch.