Sunday, August 27, 2017

It is already Sunday again and our outgoing missionaries are enjoying an evening in the Mission Home with President and Sister Bateman before they head home tomorrow.  Each transfer gets harder as we say our goodbyes to missionaries we know and love. 

Elder Hopkins, one of our favorite missionaries going home, but Elder Scott had to get in the picture

Thursday afternoon we were able to serve in the St Louis Temple as the Missouri St Louis missionaries attended the Temple.  Missionaries are able to attend the Temple every 6 months.  What a wonderful experience to be with forty missionaries including the seventeen missionaries leaving. 

Almost there
Watching with our Eclipse glasses

Monday, August 21, 2017 we enjoyed watching the eclipse.  Right outside the mission office we gathered and watched the bite of the sun get bigger and bigger until around 99% of the sun was hidden by the moon.  We were close to areas that had 100%, but there were many visitors and traffic was crazy so we stayed put.  When the sky darkened the cicadas, the familiar sound of summer evenings here, started their familiar noise of snapping their wings and were probably a little confused when the sky became light again and they quieted back down.  The street lights turned on and I could see one bright star.  It was a great day!

Drew Olson's Eagle Project

We brought the office Sisters along to help with our only young man in the Pagedale branch needed some helping hands to finish with his Eagle project.  The Frontenac ward youth helped out and many hands make work go quickly.  We tied 70 quilts earmarked for the Shriner's Children's Hospital in less than an hour.

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