Sunday, March 8, 2015

We WELCOME our new grandson; Jaden Matthew Grimes

We certainly have been blessed while here in the Philippines Bacolod Mission.  On our March 6th, which was March 5th in Tucson, Arizona, little Jaden Matthew Grimes joined our family!  Although we were far apart, we were updated and got to talk and see Stephanie and Josh and Jaden soon after his birth.  As our daughter reminded us, he was “evicted” with a little help from the medical community ;-).  George and I celebrated at O Hotel, a favorite place for us to eat.  We enjoyed salmon, mashed potatoes and a fruit/greens salad mmmmmm for P760 (less than $20 US dollars).

This week two of the Zone conferences were held at the Galo Chapel next to the mission office as the mission home is currently being refurbished.  We were able to visit with the missionaries during their lunch break and spent one afternoon hearing the well prepared lessons by zone leaders, APs and President and Sister Ferrin.  We need to be a “FOB” as the APs instructed us. . faithful and obedient!

George enjoyed taking a “Pulis officer” to lunch (who invited his superior; the Pulis Station Chief to join us).  I tagged along.  George had met him last week and liked him so much he said, let’s invite him to lunch.  We invited Elder Asuncion to come with us (he is one of 3 Supply Elders) as an interpreter, if needed.  We talked about driving in traffic, guns, and the Gospel--it doesn't get any better than that!  In the end they both gave their contact information to be referrals desiring to know about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Pulis were very friendly and interested in our purpose and curious about the US and we were interested in getting to know them.
Lots of pictures after the wedding
The happy wedding couple
Lot's of great food for the wedding celebration
Yesterday was President and Sister Ferrin’s 41st wedding anniversary. . . what better way to celebrate than by going to a wedding and a baptism!  We drove with them to the EB Magalona Chapel where the ward was there to support this about to be married couple on their special day.  After the ceremony there was lots of spaghetti; a food often used for celebrations here and mango float and food items that I cannot pronounce.  It wouldn’t be a party without glass bottles of coke and orange.

Today we finally made it to Valladollid a seaside area south of Bacolod.  We have started out here more than once and ended up elsewhere.  It was the perfect day to be here.  We heard Elder Howell share his testimony.  If I wasn’t looking at him, I would have thought it was a local because he spoke Ilonggo so fluently.  I think I understood about 10 words in his ten minute message.  He is going home Wednesday!  It is that time again.

Flower market
Karen got some flowers this week from an admirer ;-)

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