Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rocky Ride!
Monday – rain and wind

Tuesday – rain and wind

Wednesday – rain and wind

Thursday – rain and wind

Friday – rain and wind

Saturday – I see a little sun!

Sunday – Warm, sunny with billowy clouds
We start our journey along the trail
Elder Agbuya and Elder Archuleta and four others climbed into the truck to start the first leg of our journey. The weather was perfect to travel to a special sacrament meeting near EB Magalona today.  Sitting here writing, I feel thankful we have been watched over one more time as we have traveled a questionable road.  Elder Agbuya texted late last night making sure we would be able to walk for 15 – 20 minutes in mud and across a couple of bamboo bridges.  We looked at each other and thought sure, why not?  What we didn’t know was the road to get to the area big enough to leave the truck was a narrow rocky dirt road, with deep drop offs on each side.  With the recent rains, the ground was soft.
Friendly man we met along the trail
A "fisherfolk" bringing his nets home to repair
The walk was kind of fun as we wound through several small communities whose livelihood is the ocean. People along the way greeted us with their beautiful smiles.  George was like the Pied Piper, he brought lots of biscuits to share; the news traveled quickly among the children.
Karen walking across one of many bamboo bridges we would encounter
The saltly air was warm and humid.  The ground we traveled was sandy with lots of broken shells.  We passed many fish ponds; where fish are raised for food.  We watched those harvesting shrimp and crab.  We passed an oyster farm (just for eating), and many “fisherfolk” as they are called here, were repairing fishing nets.
Bamboo house where meeting was held
We arrived at the small bamboo house that would eventually hold over 40 of us; members and investigators.  As they planned the meeting, they said, Elder and Sister Mower, you will be our speakers today :-).  We will miss these experiences.
Filipinos are very enterprising--here's a baby swing
Our walk back to the truck along the beach

Teenage boys lounging in a tree along the beach

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