Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Here's something you don't see on American Highways--he waved back as we drove by
At 5:30 am every morning the Church bells ring.  I like to open the back door and listen to the chimes. This morning we traveled north from Bacolod City up to Paraiso.  This is about a 75 mile round trip on the National Highway.  Because all types of vehicles (including some bicyclists) use this road and construction projects, travel is slow.  Today as we were driving, we saw several caribou helping to transport precious cargo.  A caribou was tied to a tree near the highway; he was standing in one lane of the road, blocking traffic.   One young man was getting his hair cut on the side of the highway; an upside down bucket was his seat as another man trimmed his hair.  Rice and fish are drying and small children play near the side of the road.  There always seems to be a lot of interesting things to see!

River Village along National Highway
We were able to attend two Sacrament meetings today; the chapel was filled with people from Pacaiso and Fabrica.  We are always greeted warmly by the members and investigators and shake so many hands; men, women, young men and women, and children.  They make us feel like we are special, when they are the special ones.

Sikad traffic jam in Manapla
On the way back, we were able to stop in several more places to deliver mail and supplies to our young missionaries.  They are always happy to hear from home! At our last stop in Victorias City, we were invited   to be included in a lesson being taught to an investigator.  We love the young Sisters and Elders and appreciate being able to be a small part of their experience here. 

We Saw the Ocean!
Yesterday I had my hair cut.  At home, I pay big money to have my hair worked on.  I had a little help.  Sister Canimo recommended the place and wrote down in Illongo what I wanted.  I had my hair washed, my head massaged and a haircut by Ren, a talented young man for a total of $4.50 (plus tip).  I even got my hair blown out and today, it still looks good!  George had his hair cut as well.  We always attract attention; a couple of tall white people with light hair.  I even saw a few cameras flash outside the glass walls of store.  We are an oddity.

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