Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014 (Karen's Birthday!)

Another wonderful week in the Philippines.  Time goes so quickly!  We had new experiences this week and we're getting into a pretty good routine.  We try and be in the office by 8:30 a.m. where George takes care of the finances and Karen fields texts and calls from sick missionaries and helps a little in the office.  We get out and run errands from time to time, which give us a chance to have lunch or dinner out, etc.
Girls Walking Home from School (one girl has her arm around the other :-)

School started this week.  The school aged children attend school from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.  I love their uniforms.  They are neat and modest in their below the knee red skirts and white tops for the girls and khaki pants and white shirts for the boys.

These Girls Stopped and Posed for Karen 

We had an unusual but very interesting experience going to a shoe store this week.  (There's a reason why the sign is on the door; walking into the room could result in getting bonked on the head with a falling shoe!)

Wacky Shoes (aptly named)
The store is popularly used by the missionaries because the prices are great, and is aptly named “Wacky Shoes”.  It is located in a very busy shopping district; picture the busiest Wal-Mart store you’ve ever been in and multiply the traffic by ten times!  It was difficult to maneuver down the narrow aisles.  Anyway, you walk in the store and they have one shoe out of a pair on display.  You hope the size runs true, because you don’t want to wait to try a pair on.  You order the desired shoe along with the size and it comes falling through the ceiling about five minutes later onto the floor!  You can see in the pictures shoes are being returned up through the ceiling as well, by a string going through a three foot square opening.  George bought some rubber shoes, which the missionaries wear, in preparation for rainy season to begin.  They’re a real price performer—about $9/pair.

Product Delivery System ;-)
Note:  I'm not standing on a ladder taking this picture.  I'm standing at 6' (with my shoes on) taking this picture and this is how much taller I am than most of the people.  I told Spencer that I sort of know how he feels standing at 6'7".

We were able to take a new missionary from one of the Districts in our Mission to the airport after being set apart by the Mission President.  He was preparing to travel to the Manila MTC to begin his mission.  Most of these kids have never been on an airplane.  In the truck we drive (2013 Ford Ranger) we had a total of eight people.  The missionary, his mother, the Branch President and his wife and two children rode in the back seat!  

From the branch in La Carlotta, where this young man is from, they currently have four serving as missionaries (we met one missionary assigned to the Salt Lake Temple mission when we were there).  Two have received their calls and are preparing to leave shortly.  Three are working on their mission papers.

By the way, we’ve had up to 14 in the truck; 6 Sisters in the back seat and 6 elders in the bed of the truck, and Karen & I in the front!  It was a short run, delivering them from mission meetings at night.  No rules here about seat belts or having people in the bed.

George and I were invited to attend part of the Mission Leadership Training this week.  We love the young missionaries; their spirits are strong.

Have a great week!


Karen & George

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