Sunday, August 10, 2014

Small boy (and sister in background) watching us by a scenic stop

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Brother & Sister Infanto preparing for baptism in river
The highlight of our week was traveling to Candoni with President and Sister Lopez to attend the baptism of a husband and wife.  Their daughter was baptized in Manila several years ago and when she returned home, she went to Church in Kabankalan (about an hour ride from her home) and told the missionaries, I want my family to have the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Two young Elders traveled the long winding road to the area where her family live and shared the gospel.  Her father is a “medicine man” for the area.  Her parents have twelve children.

Children swimming near where the baptism will be
We traveled south from Bacolod and then up to a mountainous area (around 2 ½ hours each way).  The family has built an area in front of their house where church can be held; it even has a new tin roof.  The family laboriously collected big pieces of cement from a road that was no longer needed and created a floor.  They also made sure we sat in the best area (with a cushion).  There were about forty people in attendance of the baptism; about twenty were investigators.  The Spirit was strong as we followed the trail down to a river where the baptisms took place.  Elder De Vera and Elder Parry assigned to this area glowed (Elder De Vera’s mission ends this week).  At the river, children swam and many carabao enjoyed the cool slow moving water.

Bro. Infanto coming out of the water after being baptized to help his wife into the river
It was “wonderful” (a favorite word of the President) to be with the President and his wife.  They have devoted their lives to serving.  We are fortunate to be in the Philippines Bacolod Mission.
Walking back from the river
View coming off the 'mountain'
Back in March of this year, we spent time in the Salt Lake City, Utah area for some special medical training for Karen prior to departing for our mission.  We met Sister Melody Marquez and several other Filipina sisters from this area who were serving their missions on Temple Square.  They were so friendly and willing to give us tips on living here.  We were invited to their Sacrament meeting in the Joseph Smith Memorial building and got to spend a little time together.  Well, she returned home from her mission this week and we were privileged to pick her up at the airport.  We took her to the Mission President’s home to be released and where she also met up with her family.  I love to witness the reunion of loved ones!  It was great to be with her and meet her family who traveled by bus to pick her up.  After her release we dropped the family off at a bus terminal for the long ride home. 
Sister Marquez upon her return from the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission.  She served as a Zone Leader
Today we traveled to her branch in San Enrique and got to take part in the Sacrament meeting and speak with her.  Her family brought us Buka Pie (coconut pie) and pineapple juice.   In Relief Society, they mostly spoke Ilonggo, which is okay.  But the teacher; Sister Lopez kept asking “Sister Mower, what do you think about this?”  Hmmmmm, I’m pretty good with classic Primary answers.  Sister Lopez works at a hospital many hours away from her home.  When she works two days in a row, she sleeps at the hospital.
View of ocean on the return drive

Karen this week teaching mission leaders about the importance of good health
George trying to have fun with the missionaries while teaching finance rules

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