Saturday, August 16, 2014

Young boy making a lei out of flowers from a bush
Saturday, August 16, 2014

Checking out at the grocery store, they were playing a song, a very loud song (it seems the higher the volume, the better here).   The cashier was singing and the bagger was also singing along with the music.  One was on key the other, not so much.  We have been many places where people are humming or singing songs with or without music.  I love to hear singing here!  They pronounce their words and syllables differently than we do.  My favorite hymn to hear sung is, Beautiful Zion (beu-tee-full zi-een).

I have been told, “You Americans have unusual accents”.  I just smile and am thankful they try to speak to me in English.  One day I was speaking on the phone and I could not understand.  I asked her to hold for a minute so I could have someone speak in Ilonggo.  She said, (the only thing I understood), “I am speaking English”.

Security is very visible here in Bacolod.  To walk in most places, they have a security guard stationed at the entrance.  It was a little frightening to me when we first came here as I have never seen so many guns and rifles.  Some places even look for explosives under your vehicle.   Bags are checked and some people are patted down when you enter some businesses.   George and I must look harmless as we have not had that experience (yet).  There is a black lab at the District shopping center my favorite place to buy groceries (and George added and other things ;-).  Her name is Beauty and she is trained to check for explosives.  Her handler allows us to pet her.  It is wonderful to see a healthy normal looking dog.  Beauty reminds us of Cappy, our big beautiful yellow lab we left behind.
We will miss Sister Canimo

This week missionaries went home and new ones came, an exciting time for all involved.  We were invited to help take missionaries to the airport and pick up new ones.  The old and the new greeted each other as they passed in the airport lobby.  We have a special love for Sister Canimo who worked in the office the last few months; she completed her mission and flew home to Manila.  She was so excited to see her family.  She is the only member in her family.  We will miss her fun personality and dedicated purpose.   Although she and Sister Fitzgerald worked many hours in the office, they spent their evenings proselytizing and found many looking for the truth.
Bring their wares to the market (see the truck ahead with people sitting on motorcycles)
Today we attended a baptism of a friend of President and Doctor Deyro (the doctor who often helps our missionaries).  Since we met him about a month ago, his testimony has grown strong.  Dr. Deyro said, “Sister Mower look at the water” (in the baptismal font), it was green tinged.  She said that is what their water looks like at home too.  I guess I won’t complain about our sometimes yellowish brown water!
Another trike carrying fruits & vegetables
We have learned of new blessings coming to the Mower family.  Our daughter and daughter in law are expecting babies in February and March.  We were also saddened to hear of our beloved daughter in law Stephanie father’s passing earlier this week.  We are thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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