Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dedicated shoes ... having experienced the rain, mud, and challenges of missionary life

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Maayo hapon (good afternoon) from Bacolod!  This morning we woke early to not only the regular chickens and roosters vocalizing, but to lots of “neahhhs”.  Several goats have been brought in to the next lot, to help trim up the lush foliage.  The flora loves all the rain we have been receiving and it is thriving.  Even our outside cement is green tinged and a little slippery to walk on.  When we first got here, we used a lot of bleach to get rid of the green.  The cement looked good for a short period of time.  Our neighbors have been intrigued by our unusual way of doing things, like getting rid of the green and often spraying for the opportunistic ants and such.   They have asked questions, and I am sure they look at each other and raise their eyebrows, but they smile at us!

Our new 'neighbor' cleaning up the yard
We visited the Santa Fe Ward today for Church.  We had attended a baptism of a very pregnant woman a number of weeks ago there.  Since that time, her husband has also been baptized and her very small 11 day old son Vince Michael was blessed today.  Her husband invited us to attend their sealing in the Cebu temple next year.  He earns a living by driving people and deliveries on his “trike” (motorcycle with a sidecar).

Photo from baptism yesterday of elderly man and mother of 9 with Elder Pack and Basay
We were able to attend baptisms yesterday.  I was touched by an elderly gentleman who was baptized.  His wife was a dedicated member for many years, but he was not interested in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  His wife recently passed away, and he has realized the blessing of eternal families.  Be bore a humble testimony, which I have no clue what he said, but the spirit was strong.

Waiting area in Doctor's office building; first come first serve
Visiting doctors here is not like what I am used to.  Many doctors post hours and see patients first come, first serve.  This sometimes makes it difficult, when you show up to see a physician and even though you are there during their posted hours, they have taken the day off for one reason or another.  Of course, you might also get right in on a first come, first serve.  Some doctors even make their own appointments by just texting.  We do, however, love their prices!  They are much more reasonable than what we’re used to in the U.S.

We found this displayed in a surgeon's office--it may scare away the faint hearted!
Water is a precious commodity!  Our water tank is up high outside our apartment.  George has to go out every few days and fill the tank from the city water supply.  When we have had rain, the tank fills quickly.  When it has been dry for a few days, it takes much longer to fill.  Our water pressure is gravity fed, so our “shower” upstairs is usually just a trickle.  All bathrooms (or CR comfort room as they call them here), have a tap where more water pressure is available to fill buckets for the flushing of toilets.  Rule of thumb: the lower the faucet from the water tank; the better the water pressure.  I know I have mentioned; we have no hot water.

Our apartment water tank
We love the young missionaries and enjoy every opportunity we have to spend time with them!
George sings a hymn from his tablet as curious children watch

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