Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lots of workers with loaded sacks piled high

I was counting 40 pesos; the cost to park at the airport.  It is a good time to get rid of 1 peso coins (P44=$1.00).  I was counting the pesos and I saw one that looked a little different; it was a US quarter.  Who would imagine, someone gave me a US quarter as a peso.  I tell this story, because my mother always looked for loose coins on the ground and even saved them in a little bank.  Shortly after she died my three sisters and I kept finding coins and we would laugh and cry as we were reminded of our sweet Mom.  A while ago I found a dime on a dirt path in a Barangay and now the quarter in my change.  And yes, I was reminded of my Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!
Member vehicles parked at La Carlota building
We traveled to a small branch in Ayungon.  It is a beautiful area full of luscious green rice fields.  On the narrow road plastic tarps were placed intermittently with rice drying (against the law).  Hungry birds enjoyed the bounty.  We later traveled to La Carlota and attended a branch sacrament meeting.  It is customary for women to greet women cheek to cheek and a kiss along with a handshake.  I don’t think I have ever been kissed so many times.  One mother asked if her toddler son could kiss me, I bent down and he kissed my forehead.
Sister Lisaca posing with her large family at Mission Office
We went to the airport to pick up a district missionary returning from her mission.  Actually there were 5 returning missionaries on the flight.  I love to see reunions.  Sister Lisaca had to wait a little longer to see her family as we couldn’t fit them all in the truck to come to the airport.  She said she had had some health problems while serving, but she was reminded of Sister Brown, one of her companions, who had an "artificial" leg; she was a very hard worker and walked long distances and never complained about her leg—even though she knew it hurt.  She said her example encouraged her to try harder!
Beautiful sweet Sisters at Ayungon Branch
There was Missionary Leadership Council this week.  It was a spiritual feast!  The APs Elder Asuncion and Elder Pack shared a great message on being self reliant.  And then the Supply Elders, Elder Fraire and Elder Alisbo talked about serving as the Savior has demonstrated.   We are so thankful that we can be here with the Bacolod Missionaries.  I looked at those attending and realized how much George and I love these young servants.  Many of those attending we were with on their first day in Bacolod.  I hope they and we, for that matter, can remember the feelings we had at the meeting and later when we return home.
Sisters Mower, Dioniso, and Gamit
We enjoyed some one on one time with Sister Gamit (who is a trainer) and Sister Dionisio (GeeO-nee-seeO), who has been in Bacolod about 2 ½ weeks.  Some missionaries serve because of their strong testimonies and a desire to serve their Heavenly Father.  One sister told of her parents dying and her brother who was going to support her financially for her mission also died.  A family in her ward took her in and is helping her.
Breakfast cereal of champions!
George found my favorite cereal that has been out of stock for at least 9 months, Cheerios.  Okay at $9.40 a box, they are pretty pricy. . but worth it!
Pothos plants growing wild in the Philippines
Our Ward Youth sent us a poster with wonderful comments wishing us well--THANK YOU!

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  1. We loved getting our letter from the Vail Ward too!