Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beautiful flowers outside our 'cottage'

Tuesday, George and I had our last visit with the Deyro family before their departure to prepare for their mission.  I knew the day would come, but I didn’t look forward to the time when Sister Deyro would actually leave Bacolod.  Even with boxes everywhere (the packers were on break) and trying to prepare every needful thing, my dear friend was gracious.
Sister Deyro & me
Brother and Sister Deyro will become the new mission President/Sister of the Philippines Urdaneta Mission July 1st.  From the first time we met the Deyros, a few days after arriving here, she has demonstrated Christ like attributes and service.  She has not only been a friend, but she has given of her time to help many of the missionaries serving in the Bacolod Mission and prospective missionaries within the mission by doing pre-mission physicals—all at no charge.  She had a S.M.A.L.L. clinic that was put together on their front porch and where she also served the community.  The missionaries knew Sister Deyro as Dr. Deyro.  We are thankful for our association and the great times we have shared. . until we meet again!
Fish anyone?
Busy market
Seamstress and cute helper working on a treadle machine
Sister Ferrin & son shopping
Friday, President and Sister Ferrin came to the mission office with their visiting son, daughter in law and 15 month old daughter and Vivian (the mission home housekeeper).  The President had work to do, but Sister Ferrin invited me to come along to the Central Market for some shopping.  Vivian came along as our ‘haggler’.  I would never go there by myself. . but it was an fun adventure!  It would be easy to get lost in the menagerie of treasures.  We did come out once on the wrong street, but eventually found the right exit.  If they don’t have it, you don’t need it!  We followed narrow paths through lots of fragrant food, lots of people, baskets, wood, jewelry, clothes, shells, etc.  It was a warm, humid day with no air conditioning or fans and the temps in the 90’s with the same humidity.
Meet the Mormons at Robinsons Cinema on Friday & Saturday
This weekend the film “Meet the Mormons” played at one of the malls.  The film was shown free of charge.  Missionaries with name badges were invited not to be there, so no intimidation would be felt.  We heard today, the showings were full and they brought in plastic chairs to accommodate everyone.

We went to a baptism of a young man yesterday.  He said he had had friends who were members of the Church and in 2012 they invited him to an activity.  He remarked, he liked how he felt when he came to the Church and he eventually gained a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ.  He bore a beautiful testimony and some of it was in English!
Funeral procession along the national highway--funerals are usually on Sundays
I enjoy traveling along the National Highway (for the most part).  I will never get used to vehicles coming towards us in our lane and flashing their lights. . I guess to tell us to get out of the way.  But I do love the small communities that dot the highway.  We see people carrying buckets of water to their houses and people looking over their catch of fish.  People gathering greens and purchasing rice for later and fires cooking breakfast.  Motorbikes with more than 2 people are the norm; I think the most people I have seen on a scooter was a driver with two young boys sitting in front of him.  Behind the driver was a mother with her young baby and behind her another man.  No protective gear; just shorts and flip flops.  There are a lot of old Catholic Churches and they play their bells on Sunday morning.  In front of the Churches are flowers and treats for sale.  It is so green with the rain that is starting to fall.  In some of the rice fields today farmers were plowing the fields of water with their hard working caribou. 

Today we went to Masville; a branch of about 100 people, some 60 km from our house.  There were three newly returned missionaries with big callings.  One was District Young Men’s President, one was the 1st Counselor in the Branch Young Women’s Presidency and we sustained the new 1st Counselor in the District Young Women’s Presidency.

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