Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sugar can truck along the highway--it's a BIG business on our island of Negros Occidental
Bishop Plaza invited George and me by text to attend their son’s missionary devotional.  Foi Lole is leaving this week for his mission in Urdaneta.  Bishop Plaza is the bishop of a small ward in south Bacolod, Paglaum.  George questioned what would you like us to do?  The reply; “Oh, just talk”.  So we did and we were the ones that benefited by being included in this special time including a pasta dinner, sweet bread and cake for 50+ people.
The wonderful Plaza family
Texting is a popular way of communicating. . I have even become an expert.  Friday I received a text inviting us to a baptism.  Yes, we often go to baptisms, but this invitation came from Vengie Salmorin.  We went to his wife’s and oldest daughter’s baptism last summer.  His sweet wife was 8 months pregnant and wanted to be baptized before her son, Vince Michael was born (she reminded me last night Vince Michael was named by a missionary).  Vengie was baptized a few weeks later.  We have met them several times over the last months. Vengie is a ward missionary, Elder’s Quorum Secretary and a home teacher and last night he baptized Daniella, their 8 year old daughter.  Their family is preparing to go to Cebu Temple in December to be sealed together!
The wonderful Salmorin Family + Friends
We attended Zone Conference on Thursday.   Zone Leaders, Sister Team Leaders, the APs, and President and Sister Ferrin shared insights in helping us be better missionaries.  The best part: just being with the missionaries oh and I can’t forget the opening hymn sung by a fairly new group of “polys” that sang in “Tongan”. . I didn’t even recognize the music, but they sure can harmonize.
Sister Ve'ehala at Zone Conference

Sister Ortiz
Sister Narisma

Elders enjoying ice cream

Elder Lopez
Arriving home this evening, we heard voices nearby.  There is a high block wall across the street.  Behind this wall is a community where sugar cane field workers live with their families.  There was one person trying to loosen coconuts with a long stick and another person holding a large net trying to catch them as they fell.  They actually giggled when I asked if I could take their pictures.
Enjoying coconut harvesting
Our daughter Stephanie’s shared that her husband Josh’s dad passed away earlier today; sending our love and condolences to the Grimes family.

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