Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cute little girls posed for a picture after Church today 
Busy, busy day at the office (we love seeing the missionaries)
I like Mondays at the mission office, because a lot of missionaries show up for one reason or another.  But this was transfer day and we had missionaries from all over the mission here to accept new assignments and meet new companions before traveling back to their areas.  Some of the missionaries from far away, left at 1:00 am to get to Bacolod in time.
Departing missionaries: all Filipino with President and Sister Barredo
Tuesday:  George and I were invited to be part of the departing missionaries’ farewell activities as we really don’t have a ‘batch’ (a group of missionaries we came out with), and our time here is coming to a close.  We sat with the eight departing Elders during our last meal in the mission home and enjoyed hearing about their missionary experiences and future plans and dreams.  This was a great batch; pioneers from the Philippines with strong testimonies.  We pray for their continued success.
Newest batch with an international flavor
Wednesday eight new missionaries arrived.  They came to Bacolod from Samoa, Tonga, Australia, New Zealand, England, US and a two from the Philippines.  When they were sharing their testimonies I looked around at the Elders and Sisters from all around the world; we have such different back grounds, but share a common thread, The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Lunch with some of our favorite missionaries (they're all our favorites)
George picked up the new missionaries Thursday morning to take them to meet their new trainers and go out into their new areas.  On the way to the office with all the missionaries he stopped to let a parade go by.  After considering the importance of this new group of missionaries--he pulled into the middle of the parade and joined them!  It reminded me of the experience Heber C. Kimball had when he first landed in England and saw a parade with the banner “Truth Will Prevail”.
Young boy playing prelude in Sacrament meeting on Sunday
My greatest compliment this week was when an Elder texted me, “You understand my text thank you sister mower”.  We will miss this time in our lives; and the many friends and wonderful experiences we have been blessed with here.
Youngster entertaining himself (and us) at a baptism

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