Sunday, August 9, 2015

We were so jazzed to hear about the groundbreaking for the Tucson Temple!

George drove the missionaries to pick up a baptismal “candidate”.  Esabel is 8 years old and she has been coming to Church with her older sister, a young woman and member.   She was a little afraid of the truck; they had trouble coaxing her in—she had never ridden in a private vehicle before.  By the time they returned to the Church, she didn’t want to get out!

Twins at the La Carlota District Conference--they were very curious about us

Today we were invited to the La Carlota district conference.  We arrived fifteen minutes early, knowing we would probably end up sitting in the cultural hall.  Although the choir was already seated, there were only approximately 30 additional people there.   After greeting everyone, we sat on a side bench and had to eventually move, because so many people sat on the small bench that could comfortably seat four.  We moved to the larger center section and the entire row followed and then more people joined our row, so we ended up still sitting very close together.  By the time the opening hymn was finished, the chapel and cultural hall were filled.  I was happy when George was called to share his testimony; I could move a little.  But then the girls who had been sitting next to George moved very close to me.  One was practically sitting on my lap.  

A bus from La Castellana filling up after conference

The choir sang on key and shared beautiful arrangements of hymns.  One choir member asked me how I liked their singing. I told her it was one of the best choirs we had the pleasure of hearing while in the Philippines.  I asked her about her outfit; all the sisters had white blouses, red skirts and red beaded necklaces.  She said it was one of two uniforms the choir members have.  Uniforms are big in Negros.  All schools have uniforms, including colleges.  Most store employees wear uniforms.  Bank and office employees wear uniforms.   When President and Sister Ferrin were here, Vivian the housekeeper was excited to have a uniform; they are just scrubs but in bright colors.

Riders piled high on truck load along the national highway

Finally typhoon Hanna has left the Philippines.  Although the worst of Hanna was not even close to the Philippines, we witnessed a little of her potential with winds and the rain that was dumped over this last week.  Today the ocean is pretty turbulent, but we have only had one rain storm.   As I write, I see a some sun trying to peak through!  The Philippines is so beautiful—what isn’t there to love about it?  And the people are even more beautiful.
Missionaries singing at the baptism yesterday--we love them!
The church has a font that opens from the outside

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