Sunday, August 23, 2015

Of course you knew this was coming ;-)
Typhoon Goni is north of the Philippines, and is slowly moving away, but we have felt of her strength.  The dark heavy clouds have dumped buckets of water, the thunder has growled and the palms sway in the winds, but then it is quiet for a short time before the cycle starts over again.  The air is warm and damp.  After leaving the house this morning, George asked, what happened to your hair.  Hmm.  Of course he never has that problem ;-).

This is a Philippines people mover
Stand anywhere you want--and air conditioning!
Since early morning we have had no rain and it is starting to clear.  Our neighbor’s Mom and baby cat have been sunning themselves on the roof and Tom (cat) has been sleeping in front of the house; keeping a wary eye on us as we come and go.  Umbrellas are protecting from the sun today instead of the rain.

Even with the weather, it has been a great week and a spiritual boost to the missionaries; it was the Bacolod Mission Tour.  Elder and Sister Bowen from the area presidency arrived Tuesday morning and left Thursday evening.  The missionaries came from near and far to be taught by President and Sister Barredo and Elder and Sister Bowen in one of two sessions.

Grateful for a visit by Elder & Sister Bowen
We helped with seating on Thursday; we arrived at 7:30 am (the missionaries were to be in their seats by 8:00).  They were already there (for the most part) sitting quietly in the Chapel, waiting for the 8:30 meeting to begin.  Early Thursday we also received a text indicating that Elder and Sister Bowen would be doing a house inspection at our place following the meeting.  When they arrived, Elder Bowen said, I would really like to “inspect you”.   It was a spiritual day indeed as Elder Bowen left a blessing on the “cottage” and George me.
Interesting detour around a run down house
If you can't go through it, you go around it--I'm sure there's a logical reason (huh?)
Little boy pumping water into a bucket
These beautiful flowers outside our window reminded me of my dear Mother

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